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Breach of contract

Contracts can get confusing and at times someone may intentionally or unintentionally breach a clause in the agreement. In such a case, it is important that as the party who has breached, you remedy this breach as efficiently as possible, and the party who has not breached, makes a claim against the party as efficiently as possible.

However, we understand that such a thing is easier said than done, so Shaar Bridge Solicitors assist in making this process smooth, quick and stress free.

Is the contract valid?

It may be a case that the contract is not valid due to a certain clause or two or more contradicting clauses. If this is the case then there may be no breach at all as the contract itself does not stand.

In order to avoid this, we always encourage businesses to have their contracts checked over before they sign.

Nevertheless, we understand that these things happen and if so, Shaar Bridge can go through your entire contract to see if we can find any flaws in the contract. This is a very technical and lengthy process which we advise legal professional to do for you.

Are there any protection clauses?

As the party committing the breach, you will need to identify any clauses in your contract which could protect you against the breach. For example, an exclusion clause which allows you to carry out what you did without calling it a breach. These clauses may not literally say that it is a protection against breach clause – it is something which we will have to scrutinize and argue as a clause you can depend on.

Protection clauses, however, may be drafted in a way which suggests that it does not apply where the contract has been breached. This may be in a separate clause. It is essential that each clause is looked at in detail and analysed in order to be able to use it as an argument against the other side.

Both parties need to ensure they understand the causes of the contract. We can assist in this to explain in what ways each contract protects each party.



Employment for businesses

Businesses don’t always run smoothly and when there are issues, we are here to help. Our friendly team can advise you with employment matters including but not limited to:


  • Employment contracts

  • Dismissal rules and obligations

  • Requirements for annual leave

  • Difficult employees

  • Dispute between colleagues

  • Employment tribunal claims

Many businesses do not have an internal legal team, but that is where we are here to help. We provide free initial consultations and can assist you with your matter.

Tribunal claims

If an employee makes a claim against your business, you have a right to defend your claim and will need to follow the tribunal directions in order to avoid a judgement made against you.

We appreciate that this is a lengthy and stressful process, and for that reason, we can take the whole matter away from you for us to deal with and update you when we think necessary.



Property Disputes

If you are involved in a property dispute with another business or an individual, you would be aware of how this could be a lengthy and stressful process. Due to the complexity of such cases, we suggest that businesses understand all aspects of the dispute and what they need to do to resolve this. In order to know this, you will need a solicitor to advise you.


Understanding the dispute

Property litigation matters tend to be very complex and lengthy which often misleads the party and they misunderstand what the problem is, making it difficult to resolve the matter. At Shaar Bridge, we sit down with our clients and carefully analyse the whole situation. Once we have done this, we then explain the options of dealing with this.

Property Litigation

Property litigation is where you enter into proceedings with another party about the dispute of a property. This could be a number of things, including:

- Boundary disputes
- Division of the property
- Ownership of the property
- Condition of property


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